Peter Redfern ‘OPeN’ for success at Interserve staff awards

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OPeN helps the CRCs identify areas of work that we need to focus upon as well as highlights our successes.

Peter Redfern joined Merseyside Probation Trust in 2007 as a learning and development administrator. He was responsible for organising training and the Practice Development Programme for the Northwest Consortium, which consisted of five probation areas. This programme assisted probation case managers to achieve a Level 3 NVQ qualification in criminal justice. During this time, the North West had a record amount of completions, higher than any other region in the country.

When the Training Department was restructured in April 2014, Peter temporarily moved to Merseyside HR where he spent five months working on projects such as the design and implementation of a spreadsheet which integrated several data sources in order to help keep track of absence records and reviews.

In September 2014, Peter started a new role as data analyst. He taught himself computer programming and began developing ‘OPeN’, a user-friendly tool to seamlessly review operational and contractual performance.

OPeN is a Microsoft Excel based performance management tool with a unique user interface. It is an intuitive, one-stop-shop for all performance needs accessible by all levels of CRC staff. OPeN enables staff to prioritise workloads, review action points and contractual deadlines.

Prior to OPeN, performance management was administered through multiple spreadsheets and resource intensive processes that had a substantial impact on data credibility and overall performance.

OPeN has proven to be so successful that it has been adopted into the performance management framework across Interserve’s five CRCs.

John Quick, community director, said: “The I.T. solution Peter designed is critical to our business in an age in which accurately recording data is so important. OPeN helps the CRCs identify areas of work that we need to focus upon as well as highlights our successes.”

Peter became the head of performance reporting at Interserve’s justice business in April 2016. Peter has been an integral part of the integration of OPeN into the Interserve Justice network and looks forward to the challenges and successes his new role will bring.

Peter goes through to the Group annual awards on 11 November. Good luck Peter!