Parishioners impressed by Community Payback’s church hall transformation

Women service users supervised by the Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company have impressed parishioners at St. Mary’s after decorating a church hall.

M CRC commissions Adelaide House Approved Premises to deliver a woman-only unpaid work project three-days-a-week undertaking work across the county.

Women on Community Payback are supervised by Adelaide House’s Theresa Wimsey, together with Pauline Riley, who has oversight of the  projects and drives the van – among other tasks.

Helen Clarey, a trustee at Adelaide House and a parishioner at St Mary’s, asked if the unpaid work team could paint and decorate their church hall.

She said: “We were all so impressed by the quality of work which the women undertook. The hall had been badly in need of an overhaul, it hasn’t been painted for several years, and the transformation is quite something.

“The hall is a real community asset. It will benefit a lot of people now that the work has been done, and it is something that we simply couldn’t have done without the team’s support.”

Community Payback is a punishment made by the courts for people who have committed criminal offences, but it is also a way for people to learn new skills. M CRC runs women-only Community Payback groups, as well as generic groups and placements at partner agencies for people who have been rigorously risk assessed.

Helen said: “We provided materials and the Community Payback team did the rest. It’s an absolute blessing for us because the standard and speed with which it was completed are over and above what we wished for.”

Theresa added: “We were delighted to respond to the church’s request and are pleased that they were impressed by our efforts.”