New videos shine a light on our work

New videos shine a light on our work image

Service users and staff have created five videos to illustrate the work carried out by the Community Rehabilitation Companies.

Roy Cook, programme manager, said: “I am delighted that we have a new suite of videos to illustrate the work we are doing to support people on probation to make positive changes.

“Collectively the videos tell a really important story. They feature three former service users all of whom provide invaluable insights into the work undertaken by probation. The interesting thing which the videos get across is the flexibility of working embodied by the CRCs.

“We can work with people during their order, the order acts as a catalyst for change. But after the individually successfully completes the order is a crunch point on whether or not lasting change is made.

“What the videos wonderfully bring to life with humbling narratives are that by working with partner agencies in the community people are enabled to make positive networks and links that mean change is lasting.”

Two of the short videos will be used by the CRCs to show to service users as part of group programmes. They are the Deal with Drug Supply and Creating Positive Connections, which is shown to service users to help them establish positive networks in the community.

Former service user Kirsty Wiseman talks about her experience following being arrested for drink driving and being sentenced to a 12 month Community Order and 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days. Kirsty lost her job as a maths teacher as a result of the conviction. She attended a women’s centre and successfully completed her order before being invited to volunteer for probation supporting others.

A fourth video features Craig MacTaggart, who talks about the progress he made overcoming addiction and his hopes for the future.

And the final film features Helen Gunn, the mentor coordinator for the Humberside, Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire CRC, who describes her role in bringing partner agencies into probation to help support offenders as they successfully complete their orders and make lasting links with the wider community.