Merseyside partnership launches Excel-A-Rate program to rehabilitate youth

Merseyside partnership launches Excel-A-Rate program to rehabilitate youth image


On March 30th, an innovative partnership in Merseyside launched the Excel-A-Rate programme aimed at supporting, educating and inspiring 200 young people aged 18-24 to achieve their ambitions.

The Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company (M CRC), The Rotunda Community Campus and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) were awarded a grant of £50,000 from the Purple Futures innovation fund to deliver the innovative Excel-A-Rate programme in Merseyside.

Chris Edwards, M CRC’s chief executive, said: “The Innovation Fund provided by Purple Futures has made a difference to people’s lives across the UK and now young people in the Merseyside region will benefit from the fund.

“We welcome this innovative advance in service delivery because it has the potential to reduce re-offending and provide essential support to service users with complex needs.”

The Excel-A-Rate programme will run from the Rotunda Community Campus hub on Great Mersey Street in Kirkdale. The programme is an intensive, highly motivational programme of vocational training, accredited courses, coaching, peer support and work placements.

Participants will benefit from having access to support services under one roof as it will reduce probation breaches and benefits sanctions caused by missed appointments. Historically, services to support people of this age range who have complex needs has been scattered.

The initiative is supported by Liverpool City Council and the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner due to the unique collaboration of services it will provide in Merseyside.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne said: “This is a hugely positive approach for service users in Liverpool. It has the potential to change service delivery for vulnerable people in the criminal justice system by providing support in the heart of the community.”

Deputy Police Commissioner Cllr Sue Murphy said: “It’s vital that young people who have entered the criminal justice system are supported to give them the best possible help to turn their lives around, return to education or training or find employment.”

The Excel-A-Rate course was created by The Rotunda Community Campus and will be delivered by their accredited teaching staff with support from DWP and M CRC advisors.

Gillian Turner, Liverpool External Relations Manager for the DWP, said: “Jobcentre Plus is delighted to be working with probation and The Rotunda Community Campus to support people into sustainable employment.”