Merseyside CRC and PSC staff ‘Give a Day of Your Time (GADOYT) at RSPCA

Merseyside CRC and PSC staff ‘Give a Day of Your Time (GADOYT) at RSPCA image

Photo caption of attendees below (l-r): Ben Wong; Andrea Shepherd; John Quick; Pam Kendall; Rebecca Harris; Joe Grady; Jan Tuncer; Sharon Reddy; John Burson, RSPCA; Glynn Bayley, RSPCA; Brenda Monahan


Merseyside CRC and PSC staff participated in Interserve’s ‘Give a Day of Your Time’ (GADOYT) incentive that encourages staff to volunteer for any chosen charity for two days a year.


Arranged by Sharon Reddy, network developer, the staff volunteered at the RSCPA for a day. The rescue centre provides a valuable community resource and relies on volunteers to support its work.


Sharon said: “I was contacted by the RSPCA about another opportunity and thought the RSPCA animal centre could benefit from the GADOYT incentive.


“I proposed the idea to the Business Unit and they were happy to give a day’s work to benefit the community and have a day out in the fresh air away from their desks.”


John Quick, head of operations and community director, said: “This was Merseyside’s first experience of using volunteering as a team building exercise.


“It was a great success and we are already planning our next community volunteering event. We will encourage and support staff who want to engage and make a difference in their local community.”


The team were given painting and gardening tasks to accomplish throughout the day and worked hard cutting back overgrown ivy, painting fences

and garden furniture as well as refurbishing signs and safety markers painted on the pavements.


Mel Kermode, deputy manager, said: “It’s been grand having you all here. It looks so much better already.


“Having the grounds looking their best makes a huge difference to visitors and the adoption experience.


“We don’t always get the time to do the beautifying maintenance jobs with animal care being our priority.  If you ever fancy coming back, please do!”


Joe Grady, performance and quality manager, said: “I had a lot of fun. Every little bit of time you can give to charity helps. I enjoyed the team building opportunity that you don’t always get in a busy office.”


Pam Kendall, service delivery analyst said: “A good day well spent giving something back to a worthwhile cause.”


If you are interested in the GADOYT incentive, please contact your line manager who can advise you further.