Community Payback supervisor helps stricken pedestrian

Community Payback supervisor helps stricken pedestrian image

Judith Gravil received emergency help from an unexpected source after tripping over a severely raised paving stone in Birkenhead.

The 75-year-old tourist, from Epworth, South Yorkshire, was visiting Liverpool with her sister Jean when she fell face first onto the pavement, near a roundabout on Argyle Street.

Community Payback supervisor Ian Youds, who works for the Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company, was driving a van with men on unpaid work orders back for their lunch after a morning spent painting railings at Woodlands Park.

Ian spotted the collapsed lady and parked the van. Men on Community Payback filed out of the minibus to hand him the things he needed, as he administered first aid to Judith. Judith was bleeding and had sustained a nasty head injury.

Ian, who has been doing the job for 30 years, said: “I placed a Community Payback supervisor jacket over Judith to keep her warm, gently checked her for serious injury, and reassured her.

“Judith had banged her head, nose and mouth. I asked her for her name and spoke with her to try to ascertain if she was concussed. I then checked if she had any pain which could indicate if she’d broken anything.

“Once I’d established that she was as good as could be expected, I felt there was no need to put her in the recovery position. Then I went to flag down the ambulance with one of my high-viz jackets.”

Jean Meldrum, aged 73, and her sister Judith had been touring the city. They had just come off the ferry when the accident happened. Jean had called for an ambulance before Ian stepped onto the scene.

Jean said: “We are so grateful to Ian. There was a lot of blood and my sister broke her glasses. Lots of people were being kind, but this gentleman appeared from nowhere with his high-viz jacket on and a bottle of water and did everything so expertly.

“Once he had checked she was okay, he lay down on the pavement next to her so that he could reassure her. He talked so calmly. He was absolutely spot on.

“He then flagged down the ambulance, and when the paramedics got out – he disappeared. Because we are so thankful for the way in which he acted, and for the respectful way the men on Community Payback behaved, we wanted to thank them all as publically as we could.

“They thoroughly deserve the praise.”

Judith was discharged from hospital on the same day, having received facial injuries and stitches.

Ian added: “I just did the right thing, and I hope that if I were to be involved in an accident then someone would be there to help me in the same way. I am delighted that Judith is recovering well.”