Community Payback praised

Community Payback praised image

Offenders carrying out a range of Community Payback tasks across Merseyside have been praised by beneficiaries for their efforts.

Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company supervises people on unpaid work orders who undertake projects all year round, and by doing so make reparations for the crimes they have committed.

The Trustees of Toxteth Town Hall Community Resource Centre have thanked offenders for installing planters, removing weeds and rubbish from a popular garden during an on-going initiative which started two-years-ago.

The charity stated: “Community Payback has transformed a blight on the landscape into a thriving community space.

“Thanks to the work being done we now run two gardening clubs. The added benefit is that this project has improved our relations with our neighbours. Because the site has been developed, used and valued, fly-tipping has decreased and some neighbours even donated water butts and tools for us and we invited them to our summer fete.

“The Community Payback team has also helped paint our centre, which has spruced up the place.

“As a small charity with limited resources, the services offered by the Community Payback team are vital to us. Without the team, we simply couldn’t develop the site.”

The gardening club include adults with disabilities and mental health issues, together with a young family club that includes 25 children.

Offenders have also been praised by parishioners and vicars at two churches in the city.

The Vicar of St Bartholomew’s Church, in Roby, Liverpool, said: “I was delighted to see a lot of rubbish had been removed. I also highlighted Community Payback’s support at the Annual Church Meeting and it is much appreciated by everyone.”

And finally, church steward Sue Steel, from Garston Park Church, in Garston Old Road, Liverpool, contacted M CRC to thank Community Payback for the work undertaken.

She said: “Thanks again for all the work the payback team has carried out. We couldn’t have managed to keep on top of it without your input and hard work.

“Our church grounds are extensive and our congregation is small. One plot of land attracts fly tippers and we are embarrassed by the amount of rubbish dumped there.

“The team has cleared a lot of that area and it looked much improved. The payback team has weeded our paths and tidied up borders and edges. People comment on how much improved the gardens look after the team has been.”