Community Payback initiative helps clothe school children

A Liverpool councillor has donated 10 school uniforms and food hampers to women on Community Payback.

Cllr Gerard Woodhouse arranged the donation after meeting with Theresa Wimsey, who is part of a team that delivers a woman-only unpaid work group as part of a service commissioned by the Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company (M CRC).

The councillor made the donation to women identified by Theresa as needing support. It is part of a wider scheme organised by Liverpool Six Community Association (LSCA) that has seen 5,000 uniforms donated by the council to needy families in the city.

Cllr Woodhouse, who is also LSCA’s chief executive, said: “We are committed to helping anyone who is trying to turn their lives around, and so we are delighted to have helped women on Community Payback.

“I know Theresa well. Her teams are always dedicated. They have worked on so many fantastic initiatives around this area and that’s another reason why we’ve been more than happy to help.

“We all want to live in communities that work. By helping people rehabilitate, by providing support when needed to people experiencing problems – that’s a win-win for all of us.”

M CRC commissions Adelaide House Approved Premises to deliver a woman-only unpaid work project three-days-a-week undertaking work across Merseyside.

Theresa said: “It was a lovely gesture by the councillor and we are all deeply appreciative of what he has done.

“The end of the summer holidays is a difficult time for families who are struggling financially. Getting kids ready for school costs a lot of money.

“Women doing their unpaid work orders do ask me for help with things like this, and it can be hard knowing where best to send them for help. Some of those on Community Payback have got problems with their benefits, some have been sanctioned by the Jobcentre, and there can be acute pressure on finances.”

Community Payback is a sentence made by the courts for offenders who have broken the law. People can be sentenced from 40 to 300 hours of unpaid work, and the teams lead by M CRC carrying out thousands of hours of work to improve communities across the region.